Ferrari California coupe-cabrio debut in Geneva

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The Italian company of Ferrari updated sports model California to a luxury coupe-cabriolet and plans to present it within the limits of the International showroom which takes place in Geneva in March, 2012. The design of Ferrari California did not change, updating’s concerned only exterior of the car.


Developers established new system of an exhaust and added the electronic control package to the motor. Thanks to it, capacity of motor V8 in volume of 4,3 l grew on 30 l. With. Also makes 490 h.p.

The equipped weight of updated Ferrari California after chassis modernization decreased on 30 kg. To first hundred novelty is dispersed for 3,8 seconds that on 0,2 with faster, than the previous version. The list of options of Ferrari California will include package Handling Specials which considerably improves road ability of the car. More rigid springs enter into it, magneto absorbers with the customized electronic control package which increases speed of work of absorbers in 2 times, and an advanced steering. Some changes concerned color scale of an exterior of Ferrari California, in particular, there were classical shades for the Italian concern, and also two-colored combinations.

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