Luxury cars and their luxury price

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Agree, any nonsense do not name car of a class “lux”. And still, even among cars of a class “lux” of cars is the magnificent. We do not speak about trifles, like BMW 3 Series Coupe for $35,300, or about Porsche Cayman for $50,000, we at all do not speak about Mercedes-Benz S-Class in cost of $86,700. All of them, certainly, are fine, but here how much they are magnificent?


No, it will be a question, for example, about something like Bugatti Veyron which costs about $1,7 million, speak, Tiger Woods got such car in a gift to the bride, the former model Elin Nordegrn. Truth-truth.


I represent that you now thought: having such money, it is possible to buy the personal plane or, say, island in Atlantic ocean. Unfortunately, you are mistaken, and one and a half millions dollars does not suffice.

For this money you buy Cessna Citation 11, most modest of planes, but only were in the use. New manages to you approximately in $2,6 million.

And how about island? On hearings, Johnny Depp paid $3,5 million for island on the Bahamas in 2004. Since then islands considerably grew in price Bugatti Veyron

If you search for a place where to locate for $1,7 million, do not count that buy a manor. For this money it is possible to get fine real estate in Chappaqua, the State of New York. It is a five-room private residence the area of 5,200 square foots, located on 1,1 acres of the earth in 35 miles to the north from Manhattan. I assure you, very soon it appears in the real estate market. You ask about present owners? He is Bill and Hillary Clinton, to your data.

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